Kidz Kare

Kidz Kare is a Medical Center created especially to take care of the little ones.

Kidz Kare seeks to carry out prevention, risk assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases aimed at children and adolescents, through routine or occasional consultations.

The care provided is intended to be both preventive and curative and is intended not only for those who want to prevent health problems but also for those who need treatment for a specific health problem.

We created a special space for children, so they feel comfortable and know that going to the doctor can also be fun.



In our appointments, you can see the evaluation procedures of the child's development, motor skills, learning progress, sociability and lifestyle carried out, as these appointments have as main focuses:

  • Health status assessment;
  • Assessment/monitoring of the development state;
  • Monitoring, screening and prevention of diseases;
  • Nutritional counseling;
  • Prevention of harmful consumption/early assessment of potential problems;
  • Education and Health Promotion/Promotion of good practices and lifestyles for Parents and Children;

These procedures can be carried out thanks to the availability of a team of pediatricians, general practitioners and psychologists, in addition to several sub-specialties to be specifically included, in cases with indication for such.